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R&D System

Research & Development System 

Zopoise Technology Co. Ltd has devoted itself to technology innovation, invested capital and in personnel, hired experienced Optical, Electrical, Mechanical, Material and Test Engineers. We have focused on environmentally friendly intelligent lighting solutions. Zopoise Research and Development Center contains the R&D Institute which focuses on new product and development, Application Research, Project Management, Industrial Design, and Technological Support. This creates an excellence in technological research and development of LED Lighting.  
 Zopoise has invested in technology innovation and is continuing its innovation to support clients’ requests. Zopoise has been awarded nearly 700 patents which include Technology Innovations, Utility Patents, Design Patents and Software Copyrights.
Within the new layout of product development and supply chain, Zopoise always sticks to technology innovation, continually striving to build on economies of scale and cost advantages, to achieve an industry upgrade from Made In China to Innovated by China. 
Innovation is the backbone to brand vitality. Innovation is the soul of an enterprise.

Zopoise Research and Development System

The Guarantee Conditions of R&D System

Zopoise Technology R&D Institute

The research focus of Zopoise R&D Institute:

Basic research of LED lighting and its' components including the fields of  Materials, Optics, Thermal Management, Light Sources, Drivers, Intelligent Controls, Construction and Industrial Design.

The main research topics of Zopoise R&D Institute are: 

Research on Modularization, Modularization Application and Standardization Interface Technology of LED Semiconductor Lighting.
Application and technology of new materials, new processes and new technologies in the construction, electrical, heat dissipation and light distribution of LED light sources and fixtures.
System integration of Intelligent Controls based on WiFi, ZigBee and other technologies in LED lighting applications.

Zopoise Research and Development Center 

The Zopoise R&D Directive:

LED lighting product design and development, as well as innovative technologies such as: new materials and new processes, are applied to the research and development of LED Luminaires. The products developed by Zopoise are products for various applications including Commercial & Industrial Lighting, Landscape and Traffic Lighting. We also develop light sources and self-ballasted reflector lamps.
The current LED product offering includes products for many applications - Roadway, Area, Tunnels, High Bays, Gas Stations, Panels, Downlights, Ceiling/Canopy, T8 Tubes, Linear Lighting, Floodlights, Wall Washers, Point source light.

Application of enhanced cold and hot air convection structure


The built-in exhaust fan enhances the convection of hot and cold air, thereby improving the efficiency and reliability of the heat dissipation.

Application of glass housing and heat dissipation


Glass replaces the metal housing, breaks through traditional materials and processing technology, better weather resistance.
Quick and easy assembly.
Excellent cost reduction opportunities.

Application of integrated wire for anti-siphon with breather


Combination design of a waterproof connector, breather and electrical wire.
Simple assembly, three parts are simplified into one part.
Lower material and production costs.

Graphene composite


Utilize a Graphene composite material which has high thermal conductivity properties and is chemically stable. This invention allows us to lower material and assembling cost.

The application of distribution technology with wider application and higher usage efficacy


Based on the basic calculation of road brightness, relax the edge diffusion control while ensuring the anti-glare performance, and effectively reducing the road surface "zebra effect"
A new optical innovation which reduces glare and improves light control and easily adapts to different distribution types while increasing optical efficiency. 

Application of anti-glare, asymmetric reflector light distribution technology


LEDs is semi-hidden, the light of the smaller light intensity part of the direct emission, while the light of the larger light intensity part of the reflection of the surface under the reflector will become indirect lighting, both to improve the utilization of the light pass and effectively suppress the direct glare.


The light outlet is designed to increase the area of the light outlet, effectively eliminating the visual discomfort caused by the strong directivity of LEDs.


Textured glass lampshade, smooth texture surface, more corrosion resistance, easier cleaning, and higher light transmittance than ordinary frosted glass. Anti-glare effect of textured glass is particularly obvious.

Application of screw-less riveting flanging sealing technology


No pre-drilling or tapping required, saving processing costs.
The module does not require any other fastening parts, saving material costs.
The light source cavity is sealed by aluminum riveted and crimped edges with IP67 protection.
Mechanized automatic assembly without any manual operation, greatly improves assembly efficiency while eliminating human error.

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