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Zopoise Technology won the “Yeguang Bei” Lighting Technology Award in China Outdoor Lighting

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Sponsored by the Organizing Committee of “Yeguang Bei” Lighting Science and Technology Award in January 1st 2020, the 4th annual “Yeguang Bei” lighting technology final evaluation meeting of 2019, under the guidance and support of building electrical design technology collaboration and professional committee on outdoor lighting of CIES, was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

“Yeguang Bei” Lighting Science and Technology Award is to adapt to China's status as a world leader in lighting science & technology innovation, manufacture and application, and the rapid development of China's intelligent and healthy lighting, to improve the design ability of domestic lighting industry, art level and technology application, promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's lighting industry, set up an authoritative award.

There are 67 declared enterprises and 89 declared award. After the final audit took 9 hours, the new heat sink in LED street light which developed by our company won the “Yeguang Bei” Lighting Science and Technology Award of 2019.


“Yeguang Bei” Lighting Science and Technology Award certification and trophy



Street Light ZPS-ZD663

The design of the new heat sink in LED street light (ZPS-ZD663) was finally finalized after repeated tests and demonstrations by the research and development team. The housing of street light adopts an integrated structure to dissipate heat, and the back of cover has a smooth curved surface structure with self-cleaning function, keep the housing high-efficiency cooling. This innovative design solves the problem that the traditional fin-type street light tended to accumulate dust, rain, leaves and other sundries for a long time, which affects the overall heat dissipation and shortens the lifetime of light.

The award of innovation award for technology application, which was awarded by “Yeguang Bei” Lighting Science and Technology Award in 2019, is full affirmation of Zopoise’s products from the industries.

It has benefited from the steady growth of national infrastructure and government lighting projects and the support of smart city construction, lighting market demand continues to grow rapidly. Zopoise Technology has been established since January 2014, It has rapidly grown into an LED intelligent lighting solution provider for LED technology research, LED green lighting product design, LED lighting intelligent control and LED lighting project and also as a high-tech enterprise, Zopoise has the international system standardization system certificate and take a leading position for production scale in the domestic. Zopoise Technology has taken a favorable position in the lighting market, provide high quality products and services for customers, and will become the most valuable partner in the domestic lighting industry.