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Zopoise Technology was Granted the First American Invention Patent

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Patent Authorization Certificate

We have received a utility patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for “LED PANEL LIGHT AND FRAME COMPONENT. Patent number US 10,481,318 B2.

We applied for the invention patent in the United States in June 2016 and it took three years to obtain the authorization. This is the first American invention patent received by Zopoise.

To achieve the discovery, our R&D team spent countless hours researching, adjusting the construction, analyzing the thermal data, validating the optics and other aspects of the design to maximize the product performance. By overcoming these design challenges, we successfully developed the product. This invention solves the potential defects of light leakage, low light utilization and protects against easy damage to the delicate nature of the product. The invention also increases overall quality, increases production and reduces the defect rate.

Zopoise is a strong advocate of technological innovation and the effective use of technological innovation, not only to improve our Panel Light production and overall quality, but also to bring efficient, high quality service for our customers, which is well recognized by the North American market.

Currently Zopoise owns an impressive amount of patents. We have 456 domestic and foreign patents, including Utility Patents, Design Patents and many Patent Pending applications. Because of these we have strong base for scientific and technological growth and support to expand our market and core competencies.