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Zopoise Technology (ZhuZhou) Co.,Ltd., was recognized by the “Hunan Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”

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The Technology Center of Zopoise Technology was recognized as the Enterprise Technology Center of Hunan Province in 2019 by the Hunan Province Enterprise Technology Center Management. The award recognizes Zopoise Technology for its impressive technical innovation and innovative management standards. It is also recognized in the province for its achievements in R&D investment and achievements, and its high-tech personnel.

This provincial recognition not only confirms the leading role of Zopoise’s technological development, but it also builds a broader platform for Zopoise’s development and technology sharing. All large enterprises in the province attach great importance to the construction of enterprise technology centers, Zopoise applied for the honor of being selected by highlighting its expertise in many areas of our business in June 2019. and participated in the special training of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. We completed the on-site audit and was chosen over ten other applicants..

Zopoise will further strengthen and improve the construction of Enterprise Technology Center, play a core and key role in the enterprise technology innovation system, continuously improve the ability of independent innovation, build the core competitive advantage, and strive to become the model of industrial enterprises in Hunan province.